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Envirosite ATLAS

Environmental Data Map for Environmental Professionals

Envirosite ATLAS

How Can Envirosite ATLAS Streamline Your Due Diligence?

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    Key Features

    Clients can utilize Envirosite ATLAS to conduct in-depth environmental risk assessments efficiently. The platform’s comprehensive data, combined with powerful tools enables users to identify and analyze potential environmental hazards quickly and accurately.

    Environmental Assessments

    Integrated Toolset

    User-Friendly Interface

    Support Compliance


    Visualize Your Environmental Data

    Envirosite ATLAS® is a robust environmental data platform embedded with the VEC App Tool at no additional cost. It is specifically designed to streamline the assessment of vapor migration risks and other environmental hazards. Envirosite ATLAS offers a user-friendly interface that integrates seamlessly into environmental risk management workflows, providing critical data necessary for thorough due diligence and compliance with environmental standards. The platform is a part of Envirosite’s suite of products aimed at enhancing the reliability and efficiency of environmental assessments.

    Utilizing the Workbench

    Envirosite’s WorkBench is a dynamic, web-based platform designed to significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of environmental data management. Tailored for environmental professionals, WorkBench allows users to customize their government environmental records reports by adding notes, filtering sites, or modifying data points based on local knowledge or field observations. This high level of customization ensures that the reports are not only accurate but also highly relevant to specific project needs. Additionally, the WorkBench integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, providing tools that support active data manipulation and on-demand reporting, available 24/7.

    What is the VEC App Tool?

    The VEC App Tool is a specialized feature integrated within Envirosite ATLAS designed to specifically assess vapor intrusion risks associated with environmental contaminants. Vapor intrusion refers to the process by which volatile chemicals migrate from a subsurface source into an overlying building. The VEC App Tool utilizes advanced algorithms and a comprehensive database to analyze potential vapor pathways, predict the likelihood of intrusion, and evaluate the impact on indoor air quality.

    Envirosite Atlas wins Environmental Protection's 2022 New Product of the Year Award

    Celebrate innovation with Envirosite ATLAS, the winner of Environmental Protection’s 2022 New Product of the Year Award in the Software/SaaS category! Designed for the dedicated environmental professional, our next-gen platform offers unprecedented control and customization over your environmental data management.

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    Envirosite is a leading provider of environmental data solutions for due diligence and risk management. Offering real-time access to over 2,200 comprehensive data sets.

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