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Partnering with you to develop projects aimed at improving environmental conservation, food security and combating climate change.

Southern Ocean Carbon provides location dependent project evaluation, project management and hands-on project delivery to allow our partners to leverage the power of seaweed.

Make a positive impact through seaweed cultivation.

Our focus includes expanding responsible seaweed cultivation to reduce environmental impacts, enhancing ocean health by creating new habitats and implementing bio-mitigation strategies around aquaculture farms.

Seaweed Solutions

Marine Habitat Restoration
Join us in our mission to restore coastal ecosystems globally by enhancing or reintroducing a variety of native seaweeds.
Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture
Unlock economic and environmental sustainability by integrating seaweed cultivation alongside your aquaculture farms.
Bioplastics & other seaweed-based products thumb
Bioplastics for Seaweed-based Products
Access seaweed biomass for a wide range of products, including bioplastics, food, animal feed, biofuel, and beyond.
Bio-remediation, Carbon & Biodiversity Credits
Anticipate the evolution of carbon, biodiversity and bioremediation credit and markets with seaweed to biochar tech, quantification methods and marine habitat expansion.

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Southern Ocean Carbon

Respected and experienced scientists and engineers and a trained workforce able to design, build and manage seaweed projects that achieve their stated aims.