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Prevent risks while maximizing insights to identify business opportunities.

Monitor and Track Findings

Review extensive databases against past findings to identify any significant changes to your holdings or portfolio.

Access Fast and Reliable Data

Access data that has been cultivated, meticulously groomed and frequently updated to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Screen For Potential Risks

Screen site for risks and identify potential sources of contaminants which could impact a subject property.

Receive Standardized Assessment Services

Ensure that the U.S. EPA All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) process is followed to guarantee limited liability protections for real estate.

Site & Resource Assessment Solutions

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"I hired Cameron-Cole to apply for entry into Colorado's Voluntary Cleanup Program. The application was accepted and received a No Action Determination in two years. I chose Cameron-Cole because of their highly qualified personnel and was greatly pleased with the results."
Ira Star Impaired Real Estate Assessment & Management Co.
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