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Monitoring the progress of your chemical management commitments throughout your extended supply chain is a manual, labor-intensive process.

Collecting data from your suppliers, comparing that information against continually changing MRSLs and RSLs, integrating audit and test results, and tracking corrective actions and discharge performance can exhaust your internal resources.

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Ensure Compliance

Ensure compliance with your specific MRSLs and RSLs, and the ZDHC MRSL through automatic integration with the ZDHC Gateway

Eliminate the cost

Eliminate the costs and burden of aggregating supply chain data

Map your supply chain

Map your supply chain to understand and reduce risks

Improve Insight and Visibility

Improve insight and visibility into chemical use throughout your operations and up your supply chain

CleanChain Modules

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Responsible Solvents Webinar

Explore the just-released Responsible Solvents Approach Guide V1.0 by ZDHC, a game-changer in sustainable chemical management. Discover how this guide is set to transform industry practices and assist in positive changes.

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Levi Strauss & Co. logo
"Levi Strauss & Co. is committed to zero discharge of hazardous chemicals throughput our supply chain and to advancing good chemical management practices in the apparel industry. We look forward to leveraging CleanChain as an effective way to improve the transparency and chemistry used in the manufacturing of products."
Levi Strauss & Co.
EHS Senior Manager Levi Strauss & Co, Europe
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"Since implementing CleanChain, we have transformed our inefficient and labor-intensive processes into a comprehensive system that helps us better understand and reduce risks, and reduced our manual burden and the associated costs of aggregating supply chain data."
MAS Holdings
Jimmy Summers, Vice President, EHS and Sustainability logo
"The platform created urgency. My team and I could easily see the conformance status of all facilities in one diagram and then drill down into each facility to see more details and the In Check report. The CleanChain platform made it more ‘official,’ with a lot more visibility."
Jimmy Summers, Vice President, EHS and Sustainability

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