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Empowering the maritime sector with comprehensive maritime assurance, advancing environmental protection and the responsible utilization of marine resources.

Navigating the dynamic marine industry and identifying the right partners can be a daunting task.

Gain access to personalised marine services and unparalleled expertise and support worldwide. We provide:

  • Reliable marine business support for builders and vessel operators
  • Collaboration with maritime technology innovators and developers
  • Support to insurers, legal professionals and financial institutions with independent and unbiased assessments
  • Assistance to industry associations and governments with improving policies and regulations in a changing maritime environment
  • Expertise in safety protocols and environmental compliance
  • Seaweed as a Service: Location-dependent project evaluation and
    management to leverage the power of seaweed for Ocean remediation,
    carbon capture, food security and the production of seaweed-based products

More ADEC Kedge Services

Marine Technical Training
Tailored technical training for the maritime industry, enhancing skills and compliance for maritime professionals.
Maritime ESG Solutions
Expert ESG Business Support to provide competitive advantages within the maritime sector.
Maritime Insurance, Assurance & Expert Witness Work
Strategic support for owner’s representation, insurance, and legal requirements in the maritime

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