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Optimize performance across your portfolio

Cost effective resourcing

Access talent in low-cost locations and reduce overheads for hiring, training and team management.

Results and accountability

See results against benchmarks and set SLAs for every outsourced function.

Focus on core competencies

Offload operational and administrative tasks to concentrate on strategic growth initiatives.

Specialized expertise

Tap into teams with specialised knowledge covering operational excellence, compliance, risk management and ESG integration.

Scalability and flexibility

Ensure scalability and flexibility to accommodate fluctuations in workload and portfolio size.

ESG & Sustainability

Utilize ESG expertise in integrating responsible practices across operations. Gather accurate & actionable ESG data to meet the needs of LPs & regulators

Elevate performance across your portfolio thumbnail

Elevate performance across your portfolio

From outsourcing solutions to ESG strategies, we’re a one-stop partner committed to supporting the success of your portfolio companies. Our outsourcing solutions deliver efficiency with 24/7, scalable capabilities and a right-shore model for front and back office needs.

Our ESG experts and data-focused solutions help organizations integrate responsible practices across operations.

By partnering with us, private equity firms stand to enhance performance across their portfolio, benefitting from:

  • Cost Savings
    Our extensive global network of cost-efficient locations, from the Philippines to Kenya and other locations, allows you to reduce operational expenses while maintaining impeccable quality.
  • Operational Excellence
    We relentlessly focus on efficiency. Our rigorous processes and cutting-edge technologies ensure operational accuracy, speed, and unwavering consistency, freeing you to concentrate on strategic growth.
  • Scalability
    Our adaptable outsourcing solutions seamlessly adjust to your evolving needs, ensuring that you always have precisely the right resources in place when you need them.
  • Specialized Expertise
    Whether it’s compliance, finance, customer service, or sustainability reporting our specialists immerse themselves in your portfolio’s specifics and provide expert solutions.
  • Risk Mitigation
    Our expert teams stay ahead of industry regulations, helping you mitigate risks and maintain compliance.
  • Impact Sourcing
    Our outsourcing services create meaningful employment opportunities in underserved communities through impact sourcing initiatives.

Service offerings for private equity

Vodafone NPS logo
"We treat ADEC [Workforce] as a partner, and came to them with some very stretching objectives. The team accepted the challenge, and by the end of the year had established a monthly run rate reduction in calls of 19%, all whilst continuing to improve our NPS score.
The work ADEC [Workforce] did as part of this project meant that we smashed our NPS improvement target and far outperformed our competitors. It’s a truly collaborative relationship that has delivered cost reduction across the business, at the same time as creating happier customers. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results."
Vodafone NPS
Karen Boyce, Client Coordinator, CDP Disclosure Review logo
"ADEC's ESG team presented the perfect balance: a wealth of information and a patient guide into new territory for well-meaning but professional perfectionists.   They really encouraged us to put in the work and to feel proud of what we've accomplished for our company and the planet."
Karen Boyce, Client Coordinator, CDP Disclosure Review
“The ADEC [Workforce] team strive for excellence in all that they do for us. They are extremely self-motivated to deliver exceptional levels of service, especially in how they manage their communication with us – ensuring that they are as clear as possible to avoid any misunderstanding.  
Quality is consistently high, and they take an ‘out of the box’ approach to create reports that we would not have been able to produce internally. The team take full ownership and where we are in terms of business success is in no small part due to the team’s performance.”
Finance and Accounting Client, Human Capital Management Solutions
“ADEC [Workforce] does an excellent job of performing the processes currently outsourced to them. They understand our business, systems, and processes extremely well. As additional processes are moved to them, they do a great job of working with us to ensure proper documentation and training occur so the transition is seamless."
Outsourcing Client, Global Logistics Company

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