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Reducing risk while achieving greater compliance, sustainability and efficiencies in your operations — a strong path forward.

Evaluate your current ESG status

Collect relevant data for your industry and benchmark against 3rd-party standards.

Select relevant datasets

Select industry-specific data for comprehensive ESG assessment.

Calculate risks & opportunities

Minimize risk and make informed decisions for how to proceed.

Set a comprehensive plan

Create a long-term improvement plan to achieve ESG targets.

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Custom Solutions for Your Specific Project Needs

Retail and apparel ESG challenges include:

  • being overwhelmed with the amount of data in varying formats and systems
  • collecting the right data
  • knowing which data is most relevant for calculation
  • adjusting outputs to correspond to external requirements
  • reporting correctly to internal and external stakeholders

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Hitting Targets with End-to-End Solutions

End-to-end ESG solutions for retail and apparel include:

  • outsourcing specific tasks to focus on what matters most
  • product and corporate ESG guidance
  • automated data collection
  • data cleaning and calculation
  • compliance and communication with external regulatory agencies
Hitting Targets with End-to-End Solutions thumbnail

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