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ADEC Kedge specializes in delivering high-quality compliance, survey, and consultancy services to the domestic and international commercial vessel industries.

In an ever-changing marine business environment, knowing who to work with can be challenging. ADEC Kedge’s knowledgeable and approachable personnel provide the necessary support to ensure your compliance, safety, and operational continuity – alleviating financial concerns.

Prepare for a sustainable future

We are dedicated to developing decarbonization and emission reduction solutions, driving the maritime industry towards a more environmentally sustainable future.

Let us help you navigate the transition seamlessly, ensuring compliance while minimizing environmental impacts.

Featured Services

Maritime Consultancy & Advisory Services
Tailored technical training for the maritime industry, enhancing skills and compliance for maritime professionals.
Marine Technical Training
Tailored technical training for the maritime industry, enhancing skills and compliance for maritime professionals.
Maritime Investigation
Incident investigations to decrease risk and improve safety and risk awareness in maritime operations.
Maritime ESG Solutions
Expert ESG Business Support to provide competitive advantages within the maritime sector.
Vessel Demolition & Deconstruction
Decommissioning, deconstruction, and recycling service for a secure and environmentally responsible end-of-life disposal of vessels.
Maritime Incident Response
Rapid resolutions and assistance to handle a variety of complex maritime response cases
Decarbonization Strategies for Vessels
Innovative solutions to find practical and personalized solutions to transition vessels to net zero.
Maritime Insurance, Assurance & Expert Witness Work
Strategic support for owner’s representation, insurance, and legal requirements in the maritime
Marine Survey & Compliance
Thorough safety and compliance inspections for domestic commercial vessels (DCV’s).

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Personalized Maritime Business Support

ADEC Kedge is a team of expert engineers, naval architects, and marine specialists who provide innovative and customized blue economy solutions to a diverse array of markets globally.