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Chain of Title Report

Identify and document past owners of a subject property

Chain of Title Report

Chain of Title Report Benefits

  • Provides a comprehensive history of property ownership, revealing past owners and potential liabilities.
  • Uncovers historical environmental liabilities tied to previous property owners.
  • Enhances due diligence for real estate transactions, giving a clear understanding of property history.
  • Supports risk management by identifying potential title issues before they impact transactions.
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance by documenting historical property use.
  • Customizable to focus on specific time periods or areas of interest, tailoring the report to client needs.
  • Quick access to detailed ownership timelines helps swift decision-making.
  • Delivers peace of mind by highlighting any issues in property records.
  • Expertly compiled by Envirosite’s team, ensuring accuracy and reliability of information.
  • Accessible online, providing easy review and integration into environmental assessments or legal documents.

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    What is a Chain of Title Report?

    The Chain of Title Report thoroughly documents the sequence of historical ownership of a property, from the current owner back to the original deed. By providing a clear timeline of ownership, the Chain of Title Report reveals potential environmental liabilities, easements, and other title issues that could affect property transactions. It allows for extensive due diligence, offering stakeholders a detailed understanding of property history and legal standing.

    Why do you need a Chain of Title Report?

    This product is essential for conducting thorough environmental site assessments and Phase I environmental reporting. It meets ASTM E1527-21 Phase I standard information requirements and aligns with the EPA’s “All Appropriate Inquiries” Rule. The depth and breadth of data available make it a valuable resource for identifying and pinpointing potential environmental issues.


    How is this helpful for Environmental Consultants?

    Environmental consultants find the Chain of Title Report invaluable for assessing the environmental risk associated with past property uses and ownership. This report provides insights into historical activities and changes in property use that could have led to environmental contamination or liabilities. Now, consultants can more accurately evaluate environmental risks, advise clients on potential remediation, and support regulatory compliance, making it a valuable component of environmental site assessments.

    Product Features

    Ownership Timeline

    Historical Liabilities

    Customizable Focus

    Swift Access

    Expert Compilation

    Enhance Your Experience with Envirosite's Digital Services

    The Environmental Database Map integrates key data like government records, aerialaLeverage Envirosite’s digital services to maximize the utility of the Chain of Title Report. Our digital platforms offer advanced analysis and visualization tools that enhance the interpretation of ownership histories and associated risks.

    Features like interactive mapping, integrated environmental data, and customizable report options provide a comprehensive view of property histories and potential liabilities, enriching your due diligence and risk assessment processes. photos, and topographic maps for efficient site evaluations. It includes vapor migration risk assessment and complies with ASTM standards, offering a comprehensive yet user-friendly interface for environmental professionals.

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