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Envirosite Supports Environmental Risk Management

Envirosite excels in environmental data and risk management, providing a suite of environmental due diligence support services for environmental, real estate, lending, and investment professionals. Specializing in providing quality environmental data for site assessments, risk evaluations, and comprehensive due diligence reports, we integrate state-of-the-art technology with extensive governmental databases to deliver precise, actionable insights.

Our Values

“Building transparency in relationships to become mutually prosperous.”

Our commitment to environmental stewardship and client success is reflected in our innovation, including Envirosite ATLAS, designed to enhance environmental risk assessment and management strategies. Through our services, we empower clients to steer the complexities of environmental liabilities, ensuring informed decision-making and protection in the dynamic field of environmental property risk management.






James Donovan
Global CEO |

James Donovan is the co-founder of Envirosite Corp. and the CEO of ADEC Innovations, a purpose-driven provider of global business services in the areas of Environmental Risk, Compliance & Assurance, Sustainability & ESG and Outsourcing & Impact Sourcing. He also works closely with United Nations (UN) agencies, including the UN South-South Cooperation and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) on various programs, initiatives and publications, focusing on ESG, sustainability and climate change. He was awarded the 2014 UN’s Office for South-South Cooperation Visionary Award and is the Coordinating Lead Author of the Data and Knowledge Chapter of UNEP’s 6th edition of the Global Environment Outlook 6 (GEO-6).

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Head of Operations

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Head of Business Development

John Heath

Head of Production

Ewelina Kuklik

National Client Executive

Tyler Dardis

Client Success Manager

Phillip Keffer

Production Manager

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Envirosite is a leading provider of environmental data solutions for due diligence and risk management. Offering real-time access to over 2,200 comprehensive data sets.

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ADEC Innovations is purpose-driven provider of Global Business Services solutions that advances sustainable business and operational practices by transforming risk into positive impact and value.

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