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Industries We Serve

Delivering Quality Environmental Data to Real Estate Professionals

Commercial Markets

Markets tailored for commercial clients, focusing on environmental risk assessments, site assessments, and due diligence reports to support property transactions, development, and management.

  • Telecom
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Developer / Construction
  • Owner-Operator
  • REITs

Consultant Markets

Consulting markets are aimed at environmental consultants and advisory organizations, supplying them with the detailed information, reports, and analytical support needed for intricate projects.

  • Environmental Engineers & Consultants

Lender Markets

Lending markets cater to the financial sector, including banks and credit firms, by providing environmental risk evaluations and due diligence investigations for real estate transactions and investments.

  • Banks
  • Non-bank lenders

  • Credit Unions

  • CUSO (Credit Union Service Organization)

Government Markets

Government markets are designed to aid local, state, and federal agencies by supplying environmental data and insights necessary for regulatory compliance, urban planning, and public health projects.

  • Municipalities

  • Educational Institutions

  • Federal Services

Residential Markets

Residential markets offer homeowners and residential developers environmental assessments and data crucial for property transactions, development projects, and ensuring safety.

  • Direct-to-Consumer

  • Real Estate Marketplace

  • Brokerage Homes / Realtors

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