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Benchmark against wastewater standards, including the latest ZDHC guidelines, brand-specific, national and local permits.

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Key Features

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Import Wastewater Data

Import and share wastewater lab results from the ZDHC Gateway and upload any local permit data to a single location.

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Visualize and Compare

Based on your wastewater data, visualize and track changes against multiple standards in dashboards and reports.

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Take Action

Based on results and customer needs, create Corrective Action Plans (CAPS) to make improvements to the management of your wastewater.

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Track and Improve

Track and monitor conventional wastewater parameters and continually improve your performance.

Tracking Wastewater

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Tracking Wastewater

Accessing wastewater data across your supply chain

Gaining greater visibility and insight throughout your value chain will help you conform to third-party wastewater standards and regulations across your supply chain. You’ll be able to:

  • Keep track of all compliance obligations in one place
  • Leverage existing ZDHC wastewater data
  • Integrate data with your corporate BI tool
  • Report across different standards
  • Ease the process for your facilities to migrate ClearStream data from the ZDHC Gateway
  • Identify the restricted substances list in your supply chain and take action to improve
  • Help facilities minimize costs by allowing them to share their wastewater data for free
  • Link wastewater management plans, corrective actions and relevant regulatory changes

This tool gives your facilities an efficient and seamless means of achieving greater transparency throughout your supply chain for wastewater compliance.

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