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Our DaaS solution DataAssured helps you gather quality data that stands up to scrutiny and provides the basis for meaningful reduction efforts.

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Making Scope 3 Emissions Data Management Easier

Supplier Engagement Tracking

A centralized hub to track and manage all supplier requests.

Custom Surveys

Customizable request forms to collect information on supplier emissions.

Analytics Visualization

A flexible visualization platform that integrates modeled and reported data. 

Data Parsing

Direct upload and extraction of data from utility bills. 

The Benefits of Our Approach

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The Benefits of Our Approach

  Build a scope 3 inventory founded on high-quality methods & data.
Our climate advisory can help you identify relevant scope 3 categories, use robust calculation approaches and emission factors, and tap into primary supplier data.

  Gather primary supplier data efficiently and at scale.
Our tested supplier engagement platform and data processing technologies coupled with outsourcing capabilities deliver comprehensive and high-quality supplier data.

  Identify carbon hotspots, data gaps and deviations.
Efficiently gather insights about your supply chain emissions with our flexible data visualization platform customized to your emissions profile and needs.

  Deliver scope 3 data where it’s needed, when it’s needed.
ADEC Innovations offers a secure data management system that can deliver data into your existing systems flexibly and on demand.

  Meet reporting requirements cost-effectively.
Our regulatory experts can help you prepare reports that align with key frameworks (TCFD, ISSB, GRI) and help you comply with requirements in key jurisdictions.

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The Challenge of Scope 3 Data Collection

The vast majority of global supply chains are made up of small and medium-sized businesses, yet few are currently reporting their emissions. Collecting carbon data from the supply chain accurately and reliably is a complex challenge.

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The Limitations of Typical Approaches

Most carbon accounting platforms cannot be scaled to a global supply chain, require extensive data management from your team, and are difficult to connect to internal data systems.

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Why Choose ADEC Innovations?

Technology Expertise

We develop customizable and scalable software and IT solutions for global supply chains and experience in back-office data processing.

Carbon & ESG Expertise

We deliver rigorous climate & ESG solutions via in-house subject matter and technical expert teams.

People Power

We help our customers achieve excellence through scalable onshore and offshore process outsourcing and data management services.

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