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Make a greater impact with insights into the social, environmental and economic consequences of your business activities.

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Supporting the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:
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Incorporate analytics into the how behind your impact goals to generate positive outcomes.

Identify Opportunities for Improvement

Use analytical tools to identify areas where you can improve, such as excessive energy usage or carbon emissions, leading to new strategies for reducing the company's environmental footprint.

Measuring Impact

With analytical tools and platforms, amass a quantitative measurement of the company's initiatives, helping the company hold itself accountable to its goals but also providing a means to communicate impacts effectively to stakeholders.

Support Regulatory Compliance

ESG-related regulations can be boosted through analytics by visualizing progress, tracking compliance and reporting to regulatory bodies.

Engage Stakeholders

Transparent reporting based on analytics can engage stakeholders (including investors, employees and customers) who increasingly value corporate sustainability and social responsibility, thereby enhancing reputation, brand value and loyalty.

Informing Strategic Decisions

Data analysis of, say, ESG factors, can lead to the identification of opportunities for the greatest sustainability improvements, helping to minimize and mitigate risk while maximizing positive impact with more sustainable and ethical practices.

Drive Innovation

By focusing on ESG-oriented data, companies can find opportunities for innovated products, services or processes that not only provide commercial value but also contribute positively to environmental and social goals.

Generate Data-Driven Impacts

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Generate Data-Driven Impacts

With data-driven analytics, you'll know where your business stands on its impact progress.

Transform raw data into actionable insights to understand where your company stands, track the effectiveness of your initiatives and maximize their positive impact. Base your decisions on evidence rather than instinct and direct resources where they can do the most good. Analytics for impact advantages include:

  • Quantify the social and environmental impacts of your operations by identifying and focusing on the areas where can make the most difference, adjusting your strategies in areas where improvements are still needed.
  • Monitor your initiatives’ progress to respond to challenges swiftly and effectively, ensuring that projects stay on track and deliver their intended benefits.
  • Anticipate future trends, challenges and opportunities, so you can be proactive rather than reactive in your mission-driven work.
  • Maximize resource efficiency by identifying the most cost-effective strategies, allowing you to extend your reach and deepen your impact without increasing your budgets.
  • Foster trust and accountability with your stakeholders by showing them that their investments and efforts are leading to real, measurable change.
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Advantages of Analytics for Impact Measurement & Management

module features icon Enhance Decision-Making
module features icon Mitigate Risk
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