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Accurate data for property due diligence and compliance, minimizing environmental risk and making informed business decisions

Supporting the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:
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Environmental Data for Better Decision-Making

Comprehensive environmental databases

Access the most comprehensive environmental data and ASTM E1527-21 and AAI-compliant records.

Improved data delivery

Near real-time data delivery provides valuable property insights and guides better-informed decision-making.

Extensive location verification services

Manual verification of government-provided geolocations to ensure accurate representation on report-generated summary maps.

Useful data for commercial and municipal users

Extensive government and environmental data allow users to facilitate accurate site assessments and other environmental service activities.

Better Data Equals Better Solutions

Better Data Equals Better Solutions image

Better Data Equals Better Solutions

Rapid access to quality environmental and governmental data

Our services include millions of records of environmental and governmental data sourced from over 2,000 different databases. Whether you’re an environmental, real estate, municipal, or other professional that requires up-to-date information, we have the solution you need. Use our data for a variety of applications and services, including but not limited to:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
  • Risk mitigation and resiliency services
  • Producing Corridor Studies
  • Identification of historical resources and information
  • Provide near real-time actuary data
  • Initial surveys for public work projects
  • License data opportunities for proprietary applications
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Easy-to-Use Features

module features icon Search over 2,000 government databases
module features icon Scalable and customizable database searches
module features icon Dynamic evaluation of resulting data search
module features icon Secure environmental report downloading
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The Difference in Data Acquisition

Our solutions provide an array of data for various points of interest:

Historical environmental records

Geographical data points

Aerial and topographical maps

Area and corridor studies

City Directories

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