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Delivering outstanding customer care goes beyond handling enquiries—it’s about nurturing relationships through all interactions.

With two decades of experience in outsourced customer care, we understand the intricate nuances of customer journeys be it on the phone, online or even via text. From providing call centre services to web assistance and complaints management, we don't just handle interactions; we create moments that matter.

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Unique Advantages

Enhanced customer experience

Access expertise, skills and technology for enhanced customer experience. From mapping journeys and supporting omnichannel CX, to writing scripts and taking calls we can build the solution to your customer care challenges.

Expert technical support

Tap into a wide talent pool with the right skills and training to deliver swift issue resolution. We will help you hit those first-time resolution metrics and can support multi-lingual requirements.

Empathetic complaints management

Benefit from years of complaint management experience. Let our dedicated teams handle customer grievances with empathy, precision and care, ensuring swift resolution and elevated satisfaction.

Cost-efficient customer care

Optimize your resource allocation and save on costs with our strategic approach to customer support. Our right-shore approach helps clients build customer care teams with the necessary skills while maximizing budget efficiency.

Elevate Customer Services with Outsourcing

Elevate Customer Services with Outsourcing image

Elevate Customer Services with Outsourcing

Building and manging high-performing customer service teams in-house can is resource-intensive and across all stages:

  • Recruitment and Onboarding
  • Training and Development
  • Managing and Scaling

Importantly, building customer service solutions that align with customer expectaitions requires access to customer service experts, technology and, most importantly, a broad talent pool.

At ADEC, we have the skills, the tools and the talent to deliver outstanding customer care. With over 20 years of experience, our customer care solutions encompass a wide range of services from omnichannel CX to technical support. While our offshore and onshore capabilities provide tailored solutions at optimal costs.

Let us take the burden of managing customer inquiries while turning every touchpoint into brand-building opportunities.

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