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Decisions on the provider and client side of outsourcing are increasingly factoring in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics. 

Given the human-centric models of business process outsourcing (BPO), prioritizing Social Sustainability is a must in addition to Environmental factors.

Yet, navigating the complexities of regulations, reporting frameworks, shifting priorities, and data collection is tough without clear guidance.

Given these challenges, we collaborated with impact experts at GCEOA and Alistair Niederer, a seasoned BPO professional turned ESG advisor, to create this comprehensive white paper. Its purpose is to equip outsourcing professionals with an overview of ESG and the role of Social Sustainability. Read the white paper to:

  • Understand ESG, its relevance in the BPO industry, and its far-reaching impact on operations 
  • Learn about materiality assessments and how these can help providers and clients align on ESG priorities
  • Get guidance on metrics and effective data utilisation for informed decision-making  
  • Discover how impact sourcing practices can foster positive societal and economic outcomes

This white paper will help you to navigate the complex terrain of Social Sustainability within the BPO landscape – get your copy today. 

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