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The Challenge

Logistics companies necessarily focus on speed of delivery, but the client wanted to ensure accurate billing without any detriment to timeliness metrics.

Our Solution

Via close collaboration with the client, we worked tirelessly to improve an intensive inspection process that included blending cutting-edge technology with hands-on labour. The entire inspection process covered operations at key points of the logistics chain. We implemented corrections at various of those key points.

We played a key role in assuring our client that they bill their customers accurately, by integrating our operations with our client to produce consistent results. By examining the billings-to-date for billions of parcels per annum we were able to show the client what they were doing correctly, and where along the logistics chain they could stand to improve.

The Result

With the efficient use of data visualisation and data encoding, our dedicated resources and technology vastly improved the accuracy and efficiency of their logistics chain. Our solution reduced error rates, streamlined turnaround times, and even helped anticipate volumes that could impact operations as a whole.

The Highlights

• 24-hour turnaround times met consistently
• 10+ million transactions processed annually
• Unapplied cash at 2.5% against the target of < 3.0%

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