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CleanChain and UL Solutions

A transformative alliance for an end-to-end chemical management solution

Discover a transformative alliance between UL Solutions and ADEC Innovations, creators of the cutting-edge CleanChain platform. This strategic partnership is poised to revolutionize chemical management in the textile and leather industries on a global scale, in harmony with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) guidelines for apparel and footwear.

“As a strategic technical partner of fashion and luxury companies, we are committed to supporting them in improving sustainability along their global supply chains. Thanks to the collaboration with ADEC Innovations, our customers will take advantage of the innovative CleanChain platform to power data management and reduce the impact on the environment and communities.” – Josh Warren, vice president and general manager Retail & Consumer Products, UL Solutions

A Seamlessly Integrated Solution for Your Eco-Friendly Textile Supply Chain

Key Benefits of the UL Solutions and ADEC Innovations Partnership

Streamlined ZDHC Compliance

Companies can easily manage and maintain ZDHC compliance across their supply chains through a unified platform that combines accurate chemical testing and real-time inventory management capabilities.

Enhanced Supply Chain Transparency

The partnership enables businesses to gain greater upstream visibility into chemical use at each step of production, facilitating informed decision-making and fostering trust among stakeholders.


By leveraging advanced analytics and reporting functionalities, organizations can extract actionable insights from their chemical inventory data, driving continuous improvement and sustainable practices.

Improved Risk Mitigation

The combined expertise of UL Solutions and CleanChain equips businesses with the tools and knowledge needed to identify potential risks associated with hazardous chemicals, enabling proactive risk management and mitigation.

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UL Solutions and ADEC Innovations provide insight into charting a course for sustainable practices within the global textile and leather supply chain.