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Corrective Action Plans for a More Sustainable Future

Improve ESG and risk transparency across your supply chain and build a robust, action-oriented plan for both long-term oversight and incremental improvements.

Supporting the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:
Delivered by:

Supply Chain Assessment Process

Information Exchange

Allow for the flow of information between supply chain partners and customers.

Supply Chain Reporting

Aggregate the data and create data-rich supply chain reports to identify risks and areas of improvement.

Monitoring Progress

Monitor supplier compliance and identify opportunities for improvement toward greater sustainability.

Continuous Improvement

Look at the scores, return to your suppliers and make recommendations for continuous improvement.

Building a Comprehensive Action Plan

Building a Comprehensive Action Plan image

Building a Comprehensive Action Plan

Providing you with a central solution to engage with suppliers and gain greater visibility and insight throughout your supply chain. Here are advantages to automating your self-assessment and scoring processes:

  • Communicate your internal and external goals with all stakeholders
  • Incorporate your KPIs into assessments and achieve greater sustainability
  • Rely on experts for greater insights
  • Monitor the progress of your value chain’s commitments
  • Simplify reporting
  • Take action based on up-to-date supplier information

Ultimately, you can track your progress against broader sustainability metrics, such as chemical usage, wastewater emissions and regulatory compliance.

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