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Enabling brands and suppliers to comply with chemical regulations, including generating ZDHC InCheck Reports.

Supporting the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:
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Meet & Exceed Industry Standards

Upload Inventory

Upload your chemical inventories and generate InCheck reports to share with customers and other stakeholders.

Key Analytics Visualization

Access multiple dashboards to understand chemical conformance and make continuous improvements.

Alternative Chemicals/Formulators

Navigate the product library, including Gateway data and other standards, to make better informed product decisions.

Inventory Product Questions

Using product-specific questionnaires (IPQs), collect relevant information for chemical products in your supply chain.

Engage Your Suppliers

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Engage Your Suppliers

Greater transparency and accuracy throughout your supply chain with the Chemical Module.

You need a centralized means for engaging with suppliers and gaining greater visibility and insight throughout your supply chain. Now you can have it all on a single platform. With an easy-to-use interface and the means for intuitive supplier communication, the chemical management offering allows you to:

  • Gather chemical data
  • Generate ZDHC Performance InCheck Reports
  • Visualize chemical conformance levels
  • Work with chemical formulators toward certification for improved compliance
  • Find alternative chemical suppliers and products
  • Align with brand and industry standards

Simplify the chemical management experience for your company, for suppliers and for other relevant stakeholders.

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Key Features

module features icon Upload & Manage Chemical Inventory Lists
module features icon Gain Insight into Chemical Use
module features icon Connect & Share with Customers
module features icon Generate ZDHC Performance InCheck Reports

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