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Overview Vodafone, a global communications company, set ambitious targets to optimise customer support, lower costs and improve satisfaction across its customer service operation.

To meet efficiency and cost optimisation goals, ADEC Workforce experts analysed data across customer touchpoints to identify improvement opportunities. We then implemented several strategic initiatives, which included IVR enhancements, minimising inter-team transfers and identifying high-contact customers.

The results included a 19% run rate reduction in monthly calls and a 30% uplift in Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The challenge

In their relentless pursuit of excellence, Vodafone set ambitious annual KPIs across customer service operations.

The company resolved to slash customer interactions by 15% while significantly increasing NPS. Vodafone selected our customer service experts in Ireland to devise and deliver solutions to meet these targets.

The solution

From the outset, our team in Ireland worked closely with Vodafone’s Customer Care Manager to develop a series of initiatives to meet ambitious targets.

Data analysis was crucial for developing the solution. Our expert team analyzed rich data sets gathered across our partnership with Vodafone. The insights were used to develop a multi-pronged plan, zeroing in on ‘low-hanging’ fruit while also identifying process and system transformation for business impact. The solution included:

IVR Enhancement: Recognizing calls to a generic Vodafone number that was featured in marketing collateral, ADEC Workforce suggested IVR adjustments for business customers to self-select their needs, reducing manual transfers. This initiative alone achieved a 10% reduction in calls.

Minimizing Inter-Team Transfers: Data insights revealed frequent transfers between support and technical teams. We trained both teams to handle simple requests. This led to a 50% reduction in inter-team transfers and a 3% decrease in total call volume.

Efficient Number Divert Management: To streamline divert requests, a back-office team managed them via email. This innovative approach reduced calls per divert event by 26% and improved customer experience.

Reducing Multiple Calls: Agents were trained to identify and address callers likely to make multiple calls. These customers were handled by ‘super agents’ who reduced follow-up calls, achieving a 30% increase in NPS and enhancing first-call resolution.

The results

  • Overall 19% monthly run rate reduction in calls against the 15% target
  • A 10% reduction in customer calls through the implementation of an IVR system adjustment, accounting for two-thirds of the client’s call reduction target.
  • A 50% reduction in inter-team call transfers from customer support and technical support teams, leading to a 3% reduction in call volumes
  • A 26% reduction in calls for divert events by shifting these it to an email-based system which improved customer experience while lowering costs.
  • 30% increase in NPS and enhanced first-call resolution because of training agents to identify and reduce multiple calls from certain customers.

What our clients say

Vodafone NPS logo
"We treat ADEC [Workforce] as a partner, and came to them with some very stretching objectives. The team accepted the challenge, and by the end of the year had established a monthly run rate reduction in calls of 19%, all whilst continuing to improve our NPS score.
The work ADEC [Workforce] did as part of this project meant that we smashed our NPS improvement target and far outperformed our competitors. It’s a truly collaborative relationship that has delivered cost reduction across the business, at the same time as creating happier customers. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results."
Vodafone NPS

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