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How Impact Coalitions are Using Technology to Drive Growth


In response to the effects of climate change and the need for sustainable practices, organizations across industries have come together to form coalitions with the aim of creating long-term, forward-thinking solutions.

These international coalitions are improving knowledge sharing for efficiency, global impact, and sustainability by developing innovative tools and technologies.

What makes a highly effective global tool? The best tools—whether a software solution or centralized database—enable coalitions to overcome three main challenges:

  1. Lack of Standardization. Data collected by different organizations using different methods and standards is often incompatible or inconsistent.

  2. Adoption Hurdles. Committing to a coalition requires the uptake of new systems and standards, which can disrupt the working patterns an organization is accustomed to. The adoption of new systems also incurs time, staffing and monetary costs.

  3. Ongoing Support. Uniting and motivating diverse global organizations under one cause is a difficult task. Global coalitions can help their members grow and improve by offering support through resources, knowledge-sharing, and events.

How Impact Coalitions are Using Technology to Drive Growth coalition support

In the face of these challenges, the most successful coalitions have developed bold solutions that enable them to grow their membership and achieve their global goals. These solutions can be broken down into three broad types:

Solution 1: Smart Software. Software and data management systems can merge multiple data types and sources together into an accessible, shareable format. This enables knowledge across dozens or hundreds of organizations to be shared, understood, and improved.

Solution 2: Easing Transition. Coalitions can ease the transition into membership by encouraging the training and education of staff and supporting organizations in building long-term programs that help them achieve their goals. Global disclosure system CDP, for example, supports its respondents with methodology guides, data portals, events, informative seminars, and CDPInsights™, an ADEC Innovation.

Solution 3: Creating Communities. Community-building is an essential part of any coalition’s journey. The ZDHC Foundation has created a thriving community of organizations by taking a holistic approach, running live events and conferences, leveraging online tools such as the ZDHC Academy, and creating a software solution in the ZDHC Gateway (powered by ADEC Innovations).

Developing technology with global reach drives improvement and progress – for the industry as well as for individual participants. As more member organizations adopt these tools, impact coalitions gain the resources and knowledge they need to further grow and cater to the specific needs of their member base. Highly effective global tools—from software solutions to global reporting standards to centralized data sharing efforts—give coalitions the ability to derive value from their membership and make a truly global impact.

ADEC Innovations is a leading provider of ESG solutions, with expertise in delivering fully-integrated consulting, software, and data management services. We have worked extensively with coalitions like the ZDHC Foundation to create collaborative solutions customized to the unique needs of their members. Contact us for more information about our work with impact coalitions.

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Dinali Mallikage

ADEC Innovations’ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) business advances sustainable practices around the world and helps organizations responsibly grow and operate

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